The Resurfacing

So, here we are. After a pretty long period where I completely shoved my head into the ground and worked almost non-stop, the desire to balance things out a bit and start blogging again returned recently. When you have to churn out writing on a daily basis, it tends to smother that flame that usually compels you to write all by yourself. But hey, a lot’s happened and it’s time to step up and get back in the ring.

This isn’t going to be one of those niche blogs. I’m not a cupcake baking mastermind or so immensely informed on a single topic that it engulfs me enough to base a whole blog on it. Much as I’d love to give a clear and precise topic for what I write about, I can’t. I’m not a one trick pony and my passions are diverse. So let’s just say it’ll be a three-way split between writing about what I do for a living (i.e. digital, social, marketing), my passion in life that I hope one day will actually develop into something (the philanthropic, human development aspect), and some pretty arb and general posts thrown in there for when life brings me something I just have to write about.

1 November. Official start to summer and as it happens every year without fail, I’m in spontaneously heightened spirits. So, what better time to kick off a new chapter?


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