Chronicles Of A Curious Mind

I can’t speak for how other people think or see the world. I only know my own point of view. Me, I often wonder what the world looks like from the eyes of others. Is it a gauntlet, where they seek to only get through each day and survive without getting smacked on the head by passing onslaughts? Is it an open field of exploration where they get to venture out, freely inspecting every element and drawing conclusions based on whether they are optimistic or pessimistic about the meaning of life as a whole? For me, life is pretty much a matter of seeing what ties us all together and makes us the same, as opposed to what makes us different. I spend my days wondering why it’s so damned hard for most to see things from a greater perspective and realize that the small things we endure each day are nothing in the face of what we do in the long run.

Perspective, although often not even something we think about, is what determines how we face the day ahead and how we deal with what is flung in our direction. A curious mind has the tendency to weigh up all possible outcomes, it is silent in person because it gets so caught up in the need to understand it all that the here and now becomes nothing more than tainted background noise in the face of the bigger picture. We over analyze, we wait patiently to see if the people we deal with will prove to be trustworthy or incapable of keeping quiet because they want the reward of temporary glory for whatever is believed to be triumph in that moment. We seek something bigger all the time because we know our time here is so very short.

A  mentally overactive, imaginative person is always caught between the reality of this world and the imaginings of the potential others that will manifest, if we make certain decisions. We are chess players, seeking the best option for the next move, hoping it leads us in the right direction. We know very well that checkmate isn’t so much the goal as much as claiming pawns and pieces along the way is, because it will make us even better players in the next game. Intellectuals and introverts seek out deeper meaning, even in those times when our mere mortal parts want nothing more than the satisfaction of the here and now. It will haunt us and drive us further into understanding more about life, because we transcend even our own ability to understand.

Oh to be an idiot in a world of fools. I sometimes envy people who don’t think further than right now, some manage to live quite well, blissfully unphased by tomorrow and the repercussions of today. But that’s not the purpose of a deep thinker. Instead we end up being solitary creatures, surrounded by the masses yet rarely understood. The great irony of this is we’re all feeling isolated, and that is our great unifying quality, yet it’s never unveiled because we shamefully carry on thinking we’re alone.


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