That Slight Panic In The Face Of New Successes…

Anyone who’s ever managed to succeed at something, either after trying hard for a while or by complete accident, has had that fleeting moment of panic where they think “What if I mess it all up, now that I have it?” It’s probably just the voice of self-doubt, slight insecurity because we don’t know what the path ahead is shaped like, we’re just driving in the dark with our dims on, hoping we take the right turns at the right times.

A supplement specialist and guy who has personally been in the body building industry for 15 years, mentioned to me recently that it always amazes him how people want to change the formula when they finally start seeing results after months or years of dedicated training. “It’s like they finally reach competition-ready physiques and then it hits them, and they come to me asking for advice on how to supplement better, or train with more intensity. As if they’re about to lose everything if they make one move wrong now. They got to that point by doing what they have been doing consistently, why would you want to change something that worked until now?”

Something happens to many of us when that big moment finally comes, whatever it is for you. Whether it’s hitting a target appearance, finally getting that position you’ve always wanted, getting the attention of the person you’ve been trying to have in your life for a while, or obtaining a certain level of stature or popularity in society. It’s almost as if you check your bank balance one morning and suddenly find an extra hundred grand in there that appeared from out of nowhere. Granted not everyone is the same with regards to ethics in terms of money, but I’m willing to bet most people would sit there, frozen in place and too scared to even move or click on anything in their browser as they stare at their bank balance, afraid that even the slightest move could make the powers that be realize their mistaken transaction and reverse it…leaving you feeling a huge loss for something that didn’t even belong to you in the first place. It’s as if we go from just walking around normally to suddenly finding ourselves on tightropes, suspended between two skyscrapers. The mad irony of it all is the fear you have of disrupting or destroying this new success will probably end up causing it, because you’re so freaked out that you end up acting in fear…it’s a negative self-fulfilling prophesy and perpetual reminder that what we think about strongly and frequently is what ultimately manifests in our lives.

If you ever achieve something you’ve wanted and worked hard for, remember that what got you there was the methods you’ve used and the consistency with which you applied them until that point. It wasn’t a fluke or accident. If you suddenly find your Twitter or blog following growing rapidly after a long lull, don’t start worrying and second-guessing yourself because you worry about pleasing your new audience and don’t want to lose them faster than you got them. They followed you for your style, your opinion and for who you were before you started caring what they thought.

If you land that dream job or get that promotion in your company, don’t panic and doubt your ability to handle it – they would not have given you the job and invested in you if they didn’t truly believe that you have it in you to take this role and flourish in it.

I guess the moral of the story is, we end up where we end up because of our action or inaction, and we’d be well off remembering that, instead of fearing failure when an improved element of life finally arises.


One thought on “That Slight Panic In The Face Of New Successes…

  1. This is a fantastic read Cat. You explain it very simply, and it’s something we all need to remind ourselves to remember and live. The fear of success too has also long haunted me but, as you say, we need to continue with the same consistency we have been practising and not feel pressured into changing, for fear of losing all that’s been hard earned.


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