In Sickness And In Hell, ‘till This Flu Falls Apart

When you’re constantly productive or running around doing stuff, it feels almost criminal to just sit still and do nothing. Especially when there is so very much to do. The rain is softly bouncing off my window as I sit here, fixed to my bed with little to no ability to process much around me. Damn this flu. Damn it to the very pits of damnation. This is very reminiscent of my teenage years where I spent most of my time in beds and hospitals and quite frankly, I don’t like it one bit. I’m going to attempt writing a blog, if just for the sake of feeling less useless, but just a head’s up: today I’ve had severe dyslexia and syntax issues, and told a friend of mine to ‘sleep well’ even though it was only 4pm in his part of the world. If the next blog makes no sense (that’s if I even manage to write one to completion), blame it on the antibiotics that closely resemble what I imagine a horse suppository looks like, in immediate conjunction with pain killers and something else that is very colorful and makes me a bit goofy.

So without further ado, what follows is my latest blog on passion and how important it is in life… (I should probably have tested the waters with something less close to my heart but eh)


**Post post edit: I failed horribly at writing that blog post. The flu won that round, so the passion post will have to surface some other time**


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