Of Purpose and Prosperity

I often wonder how people see themselves and their roles in the world. For me, living with purpose has always been paramount in life. Why live just for the sake of getting through the day, day after day? At the same time, however, why choose to become or do something more if you only seek to serve yourself in doing so?

Great people are those who seek a better life, who empower themselves, not for their own benefit, but so that they can help others in turn. The balance got messed up because we have a mentality of scarcity and competition, a lack of understanding and accepting that abundance of everything we need exists, if we only opened our hands and gave and accepted freely. instead we constantly scavenge like animals before the coming winter. At least animals know their limits, they will scavenge and store only until they have enough, then they’ll rest and live off what they’ve collected in the harsher months of the year. People, on the other hand, seem to have little ability to identify where and when they have reached the point of having enough. ‘More’ is the key word; we’re taught to always gather more than what we have, seek out bigger things to reinforce our validity in society. It becomes a mad race to keep accumulating things that depreciate faster than we’re able to obtain them, a crazy cycle where you’re not up to scratch if you can’t afford the latest car, fashion or phone. This is the life of a person without purpose, someone who so desperately needs to find fulfillment in something, anything, that they desperately grab onto anything tangible in the hopes that it will quell their thirst.

In my experience, the best people are those who can happily live with the very simplest things. They see things in perspective and know that no amount of money will bring them any closer to true satisfaction in life. Not the ones who live with very little because they have no choice, but those who, even if granted a million bucks all of a sudden, would not feel elevated above everyone else and act differently as a result. Purpose is a fascinating thing to me. I’ve seen what people who live with purpose are like and it never ceases to astonish and inspire me. They endure great obstacles and falls, yet they rise, again and again, sometimes even in spite of their own lack of faith in themselves. They are seemingly compelled by an invisible force that always drives them onward, pulls them back on their feet and keeps whispering in their ears, telling them they cannot quit. Purpose, even when you’re not entirely sure what yours is, has the power to make you push beyond every limit you thought you had.

Some people are so driven by their purpose that they cannot accept a life devoid of it, they will not compromise and settle for anything that deviates from the master plan they have in their heads. For those people, tremendous things happen. They are underdogs who become world leaders, high school dropouts who end up becoming Fortune 500 CEOs, seemingly unexceptional people who suddenly erupt and rise into something even they could not have conceived of.

I don’t know what the formula, cause or blueprint of a person with such intense purpose is. It’s been said that no great act was accomplished without some amount of madness, and you have to be or seem a bit insane to go beyond what others understand or are willing to do if you want to achieve something previously considered impossible. People with purpose understand that their cup will be filled, and once it starts running over, it’s time to start giving that abundance to the world around them, to let the waters cascade and fill other cups in turn. Living with a mentality of scarcity means you’ll always come off short. You’ll hold on so tight to what you have now, that there’s no room for anything more to be added. The tighter you clench your fists, white-knuckled as you clamber for what seems the few and only scraps to keep you alive, the harder it will be for anything else to enter your hands.

Purpose and passion go hand in hand, you’ll find that they are tied together and eventually join, even when the correlation doesn’t seem to be there at first. Whatever the case may be, if you can disconnect yourself from the mad rush to have ‘things’ and seek out something greater to live for, you’re bound to find the world treats you differently. And that’s not a bad thing at all.



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