I’ve Had Too Much To Think Again – Summary of A Brainstorm Hangover

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve become a bit disconnected from being so directly involved in having a social life, that I’m sitting here watching everything and thinking about all this. Maybe it’s old age. Maybe I’ve worked too many crazy hours and blew another mental fuse. (Shrugs). Whatever it is, here are some things that I think a lot of people don’t seem to think about or realize*:

(Two topics kicked off my hurricane of thoughts today…)

1. ADD/ADHD is becoming more prevalent in our society, even among adults who’ve never had this problem before. It’s not a disease so much as a resultant side effect of a lifestyle that is increasingly demanding of our attention, while bombarding us with information, options and distractions at a scale never before encountered by the human species. On an evolutionary scale, we’ve just hit an unprecedented spike in mental preoccupation, with a sharp decrease in the need for physical activity. We all live in our heads now, our lives revolve around processing and contributing what we think far more than actually, physically doing things.

2. Depression and anxiety disorder, while always having been seen as something “faulty” people have and should be ashamed of, is now more common than ever. I can’t help but think that our fixation on keeping up the pace in terms of being busy all the time and constantly having the latest technology, clothing, cars etc while trying to fit in with an ever-changing standard of what is normal or acceptable (think about how quickly the internet has created global trends and just as quickly discarded them for the next, new one) is leaving most people feeling inadequate. Add to that the reality that society is becoming less grounded in what matters on a basic human level, while desperately seeking something real (think about all these inspirational quotes being reposted all over the net, telling you what you should be, should do, should look for, assuming you can’t figure it out for yourself out of stupidity or sheer laziness to self-develop) but not truly ever finding a connection. How about the notion that we can now buy more, have more, do more, than ever before, and yet none of it is all that deeply fulfilling?

(…which then led to a few shots of this…)

I think a great deal of problems being encountered in the world is just because we’re being guided towards behaving in a way that is not congruent with our basic human natures. We’re being forced outside of our natural and health zones, forced to push harder to survive and be successful, than any of our ancestors or forefathers ever did. Sure, they had to deal with manual labour, getting up early to milk cows and plant seeds, hunt for food. But they got enough sleep. They ate pretty organically and didn’t have to worry about banting or gluten-free diets. They didn’t obsess over if they’re good enough because some form of media is making the entire village want to look a certain way or be shunned for not doing so. They followed their instincts and listened to their bodies. We’re becoming increasingly disconnected from our ingrained natural self-preservation, that voice that instinctively tells you some food doesn’t agree with you or that you need more rest today to make up for yesterday’s over activity. It’s just not accepted if someone does that. Even following your gut feeling about something is frowned upon now, often being re-classified as your imagination running away with you.

(…and then this…)

The funny thing is, I get the feeling that our advancement in science and medicine to eradicate disease and helping us stay alive longer, is probably directly and inversely proportionate to the rate at which we are harming our health and well-being in new ways through our new lifestyles. We’re fighting to keep up with stopping old and existing disorders while we actively create new, possibly bigger ones. And while we have always had decades of history to base our calculations and estimates on, the rate we are currently moving at, plus the infantile existence of the digital era, means that we honestly can’t tell at all what will happen to humans on the long term as a result of what we’re doing right now. Fifty years ago we could sort of predict what would happen within our lifetimes. We knew that you’d have to go to university to get a degree, to earn a decent income, working for the one employer you’ll have your entire working career. This would fit in fine with the partner you’d marry, kids you’d have and home cooked meals you’d eat every day. You’d pretty much live a life similar to that of your parents, except with one or two new innovations along the way to make life easier. Today, we can barely even guess what will happen to us in two years.

We are existentially living on the tip of a stray bullet, as it blasts through into completely unknown territory, not knowing where, when or what it will hit.


*Disclaimer: These are just my own thoughts, based on what I have deduced. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just making an observation. And as always, there are always exceptions to any statement, something which I completely accept and agree with. Don’t shoot me.


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