Of Gut Feelings and That Little Voice

We’ve all heard someone say ‘follow your gut’ or ‘listen to your instincts’. Another variation of that is ‘do what your heart tells you is right’, although that tends to lean more towards emotional openness than self-preservation. Gut instincts have gone from what more than likely kept our ancestors from being eaten alive several times, to now being shrugged off as nothing more than your imagination running away with you, or you telling yourself ‘I’m just being paranoid for nothing’. If things aren’t backed up by cold, hard, in-your-face facts or visual evidence that makes it near impossible to deny the reality, we tend to ignore or play down the feelings that sometimes surface, seemingly from out of nowhere. Some people are more prone to this, maybe because they want more badly to not believe what their gut is telling them. This is often the case with relationships where you get the feeling your partner isn’t being faithful, although you don’t really have any proof of it. Or when you think someone isn’t quite who they say they are but you’re not sure why you’d think that. Time and again, you find these feelings had merit to them, albeit usually much later on.

After several personal experiences, I’ve learned not to ignore that gut feeling under any circumstances. It might be what stands between you being okay or in great harm. I was always intuitive as a kid and have always been very empathetic, and while it served well for being understanding and always looking for the good in people, it also caused me to be blind to the dangers of some. Finally I turned towards a very straight-forward, at-face-level way of dealing with the world and in a sense, I based my choices on my trust in science and facts, objectivity and research. Three years ago I decided to ignore a very strong gut feeling I had the moment I met someone. I just came out of a long-term relationship and the company was welcomed, although the very moment I met this person, I got a strong feeling of panic and distrust. I chose to ignore this and told myself I was being stupid. Three months later I was sitting in a hospital casualty ward, with a broken nose, punched out teeth and a concussion that left me with memory loss and blackouts for the next few months. Which would have been conceivable if I was a cage fighter, but I was a 48kg girl who invested her time and compassion in the wrong person. Listening to my initial sense about this person would have prevented all of this from happening. You’d think that would have been the final blow to my trust in people, but a few months later my compassionate nature got me in trouble yet again, this time ultimately leaving me sitting in about 4 liters of someone else’s blood and wondering how the heck my life got to this point. Aside from a potential post-Apocalyptic world, I didn’t expect quite such a turn of events to happen. (And no, I wasn’t responsible for the bloodshed, relax.)

Yes, these are extreme examples of how things could go wrong but to counter that, by following my gut instincts and choosing some people as friends, speaking at the moment I felt was right or making a move when something just made me feel it was the right time, has brought me tremendous windfalls and personal success as well. There are many stories of how people just got a sudden strong feeling and went with it, resulting in lives being saved or events which seem unlikely, to shift into incredible outcomes. The neuroscience of it all indicates that we learn from every experience we have in life and that, while we have no inkling of just how complex our mind’s processing power is, we’re constantly calculating potential outcomes and alternatives, based on past experience as well as some deeply ingrained genetic programming that links back to our good old fight-or-flight mechanisms. Some would say it’s the grace of God, that whisper in your ear when you least expect it. Others believe it is some form of divine intervention, whatever they choose to believe in. Whatever you choose to believe, I’ve found it’s rarely, if ever wrong. Your gut instinct is strong and tends to surface suddenly and from out of nowhere. Don’t confuse it with paranoia or deep-seated fears surfacing…those tend to have some form of thought process linked to them, you tend to have some form of panicked conversation in your head, indicating you’re trying to process and reason through what’s happening. Gut instincts and feelings initially appear completely independent of your own thoughts, they’re pretty much like the tap on your shoulder you didn’t see coming. What you do with it from there on is your choice.

Why am I telling you all this? Because maybe it will make someone reading it think twice next time they get a sudden bad feeling, or listen when they get an encouraging, good feeling. This is one case where I forfeit logic and reasoning and firmly believe you should just silence your mind and listen for that voice instead. It’s there for a reason.


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