Our kind were never meant to stay forever. It is our task in life to pick others up, pull them from dark places back to solid ground and safety. But if we stay too long, the storms in their lives spread into our own, their poisons become ours, and soon we fall victim as they did. That cannot happen. So we leave. We leave because we came to help you and give you a chance to change and recover. If you don’t, we can’t stay. If you do, we can’t stay. Our time with you is limited but you are so crucially important to us while we’re here that we would pluck our own feathers to shield you from your storms. You don’t see that it slowly kills us, pulling feather after feather, often each one less appreciated or noticed than the previous. Once our feathers start running out we have to leave, for they are our shield and we can only give so many. Time is a gift, so are moments and people in our lives at any given moment. Don’t ever greedily clasp at others’ feathers without granting some of your own, for your blind want for more might rob them to the point where someone else they will meet in the future, who could have been saved by their shielding feathers, is lost in the storm.



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